Princess Wapun Edit

Dawn is the second child, and first born daughter of Pocahontas by her second husband, John Rolfe. She was born in the cold season when her older brother, Thomas Rolfe, was three years old. Later, her younger sister Lia is born just before the death of their Mother.

Dawn was born in England, the home of her father's side of the family. When Pocahontas passed on to the Great Spirits, Dawn made the trip to Virginia with John and Thomas Rolfe. When she met Pocahontas' father, she was declared as Wapun. Wapun is the Algonquian speaking tribe's word for Dawn.

Despite her father's protests, Dawn decided to live amongst her mother's people as Princess Wapun. Her father and older brother return to England in order to bring Lia back to Virginia with them, so they can at least be near each other as a family. While in England, Rofle remarried a woman named Jane Pierce and they eventually had a child of which they named "Elizabeth Pierce". When Elizabeth was old enough, John, Thomas, Lia, Jane and Little Liza took the trip to Virginia for a final time and settled in Jamestown.

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